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Before reading the text I propose you look at the story first and then come back to it so you don't spoil the surprise ending. This storyboard was something extra I added to my file when I was looking for a job in studios and after realising  your resume is basically either just put in a huge pile or trashed, i made this short story as a joke accompanied with a crumbled blue resume. I love it because it mixes everything I love : action, humor and an original idea to stand out. 

This storyboard was made for a short independant film and the project didn't get accepted for funding so I had to stop storyboarding midway. It was about the 2 sides of your personnality, the toxic one and the good one and how girls have problems with their self image due to different medias like tv, social media or magasines.

this is a short film I'm currently making and it's purpose is to answer the question: what if all of our lost stuff went somewhere where they are organised into shelves ? This story focuses on a character that could be anyone living in a smalll apartment discovering the biggest treasure he could ever imagine and how his greed will eventually lead to his downfall.

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